Thursday, April 4, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 24 & 25 (Rhythm guitar recordings)

Hey there boys and girls!

So now we are finally done with the rhythm guitars! Yesterday and the day before we managed to nail the final track's which were "Ride the Ray'O" and "Gaffercapercaillie", EPIC SHIT! Loads of killer riffs, mighty choruses and just pure epicness, that's what these massive mammoths are about!
Now it's time for me and Emppu to create solos, leads, licks and tricks so you won't hear from us two for a while, but our gayboardwizard Haage will take it from here!

And btw, everyone should buy the Gloryhammer album "Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife"!

Take care and stay PowerMetal!


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