Monday, December 31, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 8 (Bass recordings)

Hello everyone!

So time for an update about bass recordings for the 2nd Thaurorod album.

I have set my bass amp/cab and monitoring room for the upcoming bass far I've tested mic sounds with different mics like Audix A6 and for the high frequency bass Shure 57 and Sennheiser E606. Sounds have been really what I wanted to have by using different microfones on bass cabinet. Then also recording pure line sound besides the mic tracks.

We should get at least most of the final drum tracks tomorrow evening. On wednesday we will try to fix a problem at my sound card as the 2nd control room input seems to be broken so we try to re-connect it if that's what's wrong with it.

So I'll add pics and videos later before the actual recordings starts.

Have a tremendous New Year's Eve and much success and happiness for the year 2013!



Saturday, December 8, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 7 (Drum recordings)


The very last day and the last drum recordings done! After we have all the drums edited we are ready to record more and that will be around Christmas when we start with the bass recordings!

Take a look at the video we prepared for you: THAUROROD - DRUM RECORDINGS

 Mr. blast beat producer Larsson Nyman.

Till then folks!



Friday, December 7, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 6 (Drum recordings)

Hi Ray'Os,

Probably the last day at the studio as we have only 1 more song to go...still we have a small problem as somehow the backing track for Joonas's monitoring which he hears while playing and recording drums is somehow stretched and the click and the guitar/keys track starts to go a little bit off the grid in the end of the song...well shouldn't be too big of a problem still. If we can't get it fixed right now here at the studio then we re-record the guitars tomorrow and record the drums after that tomorrow.

 Emppu and Lasse at the monitoring room. Starting to record the last track.

Also planning to have a little "drum recordings completed party" tomorrow! Hope to prepare some video footage from the drumming, from the party and maybe even some more clips of demo recordings with vocals...

Some video recordings from drumming also.

Have a great weekend!

Pasi, Emppu, Lasse & Joonas

Thursday, December 6, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 5 (Drum recordings)

Hello boys and girls!

So here we are again at the rockstar studios working on some bad ass drumshit. 
We did some killer arrangements earlier today for the song called "The land of thousand rays" and we pushed
Jonde really hard with some insane blastbeats and stuff like that. 
Jonde did an amazing job as usually and the result is awesome. 
Now we are working on "Ride the Ray'O" which is 9th song so we only have this one and two more to go.
Tomorrow might be the last day of this lovely drumfiesta, öh!

So take care and stay fuckin' metal fellows!

- Lasse, Haage & Jonde

(Jonde kickin some butt)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 4 (Drum recordings)

Good evening dudes and dudettes!

At the studio again...recording drums for our 7th track at the moment. Btw I posted an YouTube video from the recordings yesterday and I totally forgot to mention who the heck this Haage on the video was.

Harri "Haage" Koskela is a guy who I and rest of the band besides Andi have known for something like 8 years and who lives here in Hyvinkää as well. Oh and also nowadays happens to play keyboards in a band called Thaurorod...have you heard of that band? One day Haage told that would be great to play with us. We knew it would be so much easier to work with a guy who we know way back and who lives in Hyvinkää and who is also a great composer, keyboardist, sound guy in studio and one of the nicest guys you can ever imagine! We already played 2 shows warming up for Wintersun in Finland with Haage and it was blast! With our previous keyboardist Vili things didn't just work as well as they should have even though he too was an awesome keymurderer! All the best to Vili for the future and thanks for everything.

Haage behind the mixing desk recording Joonas's drumming.
Man behind the rhythm of T-ROD.

Well that's that and now we are recording a killer fuckin album and can't wait to get it over to you!!! Tonight maybe gonna have a few beers later as it's gonna be Finland's independence day tomorrow! Well that means that recordings can start pretty early tomorrow....anyway 'till then!

Kippis! Skål! Prost! Egészsegedre! etc...


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - Day 3 (Drum recordings)

Hi there!

Prepared an YouTube video for you to see something about the recordings yesterday on 3rd December! Gonna have a day off on 4th but continue again on 5th December. So far drums for 5-6 tracks recorded!

Enjoy the video at: Thaurorod - Studio diary (drum recordings)


Pasi / T-ROD

Sunday, December 2, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - Day 2 (Drum recordings)

Houdy ho!

The guys had entered the studio around 15-16 o'clock. The result after the studio day is: drums for 3 songs recorded! Not bad at all! Emppu was there to record Joonas (yes in hangover) and they only recorded Emppu's songs today. I only quickly stopped by the studio as Joonas and Emppu were recording the 3rd track.

 Just slightly hangoverish guitarist...

 Rec is on!

Meanwhile Lasse had recorded backing guitars for 1 instrumental song we gonna record later. It's Emppu's song and we played that track already in Nummirock 2011 and in Metalcamp 2011.

So that's pretty much all...tomorrow probably recording some songs written by me and by Lasse.

Freezing greetings from Hyvinkää, Finland as it's minus 18 degrees....hrrrrrrr!


Friday, November 30, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - Day 1 (Setting up the drums / Soundcheck)


What a shitty snow storm going on outside...well only 5 months left of this living in the land of ice and snow!

Yesterday, a day before today, Joonas entered to Rockstar Productions around 15 o'clock and set up his drums...changed his drum skins, tuned them and then the owner of the studio, Lari Takala, put on some mics for the drums.

 Everything almost done for soundcheck.

I think we have something like 15 or 16 tracks for drums:

Bass drum inside mic
Bass drum outside mic
Bass drum trigger

Snare from above
Snare from below(carpet)

I think 3 overheads

2 or 3 mics for some additional cymbals like 1 for bell/splash, 1 for the main hi-hat (3 hi-hats overall in the set).

Then one pair of room mics few meters in front of the drums and 1 pair on the behind.

Might not be 100% accurate but it's the closest that I can think of.

Then we started to check the sounds and cut off some unwanted frequencies, some compressing and basic adjustments to make the overall drum sound clear. Snare sounded really tight and thin as wanted. Toms were really awesome...nicely tuned! Toms probably needs to be tuned few times during the recordings as new drum skins gets looser in the beginning.

Lari in the monitoring room.

We test recorded few takes without and with the guitar and click tracks and after few small adjustments and cable changes we were pretty much good to go!

Yesterday was only for setting up everything, creating Pro Tools projects etc... then the studio is not available for 2 days but on Sunday the actual recordings will start! Lari was there to mic the drums for us and help us with Pro Tools etc... but the actual recordings will be handled by the guys of Thaurorod while Lari takes some time off and attends 70.000 tons of metal cruise. We have the studio booked 'till 10th of December so should be plenty of time! We have 11 tracks to be recorded + possibly some additional cover song...any suggestions for a Thaurorod cover?????

So I guess 'till sunday then when it's time for some real action that involves rec button!

Take care!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - Day 1 (Setting up the drums / Soundcheck)

Hello everybody!

As you have heard now it's time to start with the recordings for the 2nd Thaurorod studio album! Feeling awesome!

Anyway today we will start in about 8 hours from now by setting up the drum set and mics for it etc... don't know if we record much today but we'll keep you posted in here!


Pasi / T-ROD