Thursday, June 23, 2011


The last rehearsels played before midsummer festival Nummirock at Kauhajoki, Finland! First time playing there....hohoo some nice memories from there over many years when in the audience at Nummirock... Sucks that weather forecast looks pretty fuckin rainy but I'm sure it will not slow anyone down!

I'm actually the only one from the band who is going to the festival area already on Friday morning...Vili will pick up Michele on Saturday morning from Helsinki/Vantaa airport and other guys don't wanna be there earlier but on the show day ...since it might turn somehow into some serious drinking... :D well...even in Nummirock I think I've once seen someone drunk... Anyway afterparties like never before when the Fosters-stage is rocked!!!

Okay stay tuned for and comments on the show coming later! Oh fuck looking so forward to this fantastic festival again!!! There's no festival like Nummirock!
See you soon boys and girls and happy midsummer fest / Hauskaa Juhannusta joka ukolle ja akalle!

Pasi / T-ROD

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Metalfest 2011

Hi headbangers!

It's Pasi from Thaurorod writing. It wasn't so easy to update this blog on the road so now something to it!

It's been less than 3 days since we arrived to Finland from Metalfests...damn that was one hell of a trip! Great locations, great audiences, great atmosphere, great weather, great bands, great guys with whom we shared the tourbus...amazing festivals!!!

The bus arrived to Düsseldorf airport to pick us up in the early evening and we entered the great black doubledecker nightliner and said hi to a nice driver. Soon after Wintersun guys stepped in and it didn't take long to start chatting and having few beers with them. Then we parked a car somewhere in Düsseldorf cause we had to wait for Hell's flight to arrive. Meanwhile we had some more beers with Wintersun and the driver didn't let Finnish passengers to run out of beer! :D Soon the guys from Hell were picked up from the airport. Then the nice gentlemen of Hell sat down with us for few beers and the bus hit the road towards Switzerland! I also accomplished my first goal on the tour...the last Finnish man standing! :D

The black nighliner on Metalfest 2011 onboard: WINTERSUN, HELL, THAUROROD (Or as it was written on the windshield of the bus -THAUROD- :D)

In Switzerland we played indoor show inside Z7 in Pratteln and it was a great one...also the weather wasn't too great outside so indoor show didn't hurt! The bus took off at 11 so we had no time to see the headliner Arch Enemy this night but the shows of the bands in the same bus were both great.. HELL was just awesome! The way that these guys rocked and made a show was fantastic and I had no idea of this band gonna get the album for sure! Wintersun played also awesome show and there was one new track from the upcoming album on the setlist!

THAUROROD @ Metalfest, Germany 2011

Emil and Michele having fun on stage! :D

After some partying in the bus we went to sleep and woke up in Germany. Started to get ready for the show pretty soon and rocked Metalfest Germany full steam! It must have been one of the best audiences ever..people singing along to the songs and the atmosphere was just magical and crazy! We met some guys from the record company and had fun in the backstage area. Was great to meet some awesome fans at the signing session as well! What a great day it was! I think I went to sleep a bit before the bus left 'cause we were to play at 12.50 in Austria next day.

Thaurorod - "Morning Lake" at Metalfest, Germany:

Lasse "Slage" Nyman

Emil "Emppu" "raivotautinen paviaani Magnus Muna" Pohjalainen

Percussion artist Joonas Pykälä-aho

Woked up and went to have breakfest and coffee with Vili. Was fuckin muddy there 'cause it had been raining the last 3 days almost all the time everything was pretty dirty and muddy...however the sun was shining now and it was a hot day! After the breakfest I went to say hi to a good friend of mine to the audience's camping area and after that started to get my things together for the show! The stage was ...big enough being 22 meters wide! Great place and great day to play! Okay got everything ready for the show and the intro started! Funnily enough there was nothing coming into Joonas's in-ear monitors...and all the suddenly there was something fuckin loud...the playing over the 1st 2 songs wasn't the tightest ever but we managed to have fun on the stage and audience seemed to love it as well! Well there was more to come some technical difficulties as the bass started to sound like a was quite loud between the songs and I tried to change my wireless to a normal cable but didn't solve the problem...then we had some monstrous subwoofer feedback in the end part of the show and we just laughed that WHAT ELSE?!? :D Was starting to get kinda funny already but it was a nice show...probably would have been whole lot better if there wouldn't have been such catastrophic technical difficulties but there's nothing you can do except to ROCK the stage so what the hell!!!

Cheerful Michele Luppi

Vili Ollila with his keytar

Pasi Tanskanen hiding his face

After the show we had fun with everyone in there... ate well and we did drink quite okay as well. :D I had started to feel a bit hangoverish after the show so I decided to go to sleep right after the bus would take off...did I?? Well there was just everyone having such blast together that of course I had to join with them! Damn it was fun and as people were getting nicely drunk suddenly Raivotautinen Paviaani Magnus Muna was there with Black Metal Zorro...anyway somewhere in the early morning I went to bed and woke up at Düsseldorf airport..was gonna be a long day at the airports and in the airplanes but we made it ...DEADTIRED!

Anyway the whole weekend was one of the best days of my life!!!

Pasi / T-ROD