Thursday, March 28, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 22 & 23 (Rhythm guitar recordings)

Hello again!

Almost there, only two songs left and then we're done with the rhythm guitars!
So yesterday and the day before we managed to complete two tracks "Chase" and "SCAT
We didn't do any major changes since the demos, but a few small tricks here and there to spice these tracks up!
As I already told you guys about "Chase" in the last blog, so here's something about "SCAT".
It's really a different kinda tune for us, pretty slow and heavy stuff with great atmospehere.
But now it's time to have a few days off and we'll continue next week with some EPIC shit!

Happy Holidays my friends and take care!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 21 (Rhythm guitar recordings)

Hello boys and girls!

It's been a while since I have written to this blog and loads of awesomeness is and has been happening.
So we are now recording rhythm guitars and Emppu has already done his parts and I still have four more songs to go! Yesterday we did track called "The land of thousand ray's" (obviously not the real title of the track) and today we are working on track called "Chase"(Not the real title either).
Both of these songs are pretty up-tempo stuff with really catchy choruses.
"Chase" is pretty traditional Power Metal stuff and "The land of..." is bit more modern stuff, a bit heavier.
So today we shall continue and hopefully everything will be going as well as so far!

Take care and stay tuned warriors!

-Lasse / T-Rod

Monday, March 25, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 20 (Rhythm guitar / vocal recordings)

Hi metalheads!

Time for some update as the beginning of the mixing is getting closer...

So Lasse is recording his rhythm parts and something like 4 songs to go...Lasse should update something here in the coming days!

Today Andi finished all the vocals for the album with everything fixed and polished into perfection!!! Awesome vocals. Just fuckin awesome!

So it's now 2 weeks and the mixing starts (8th April). We will first mix drums, bass, rhythm guitars, all vocals and basic keyboards. Then we will record everything else and lay down orcestrations etc. and mix the remaining tracks asap.



Thursday, March 7, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY ...19 (Rhythm guitar / vocal recordings)


So finally yesterday we were able to start with Emppu's rhythm guitar recordings! So far 2 songs recorded and 3rd on its way... After that Lasse's rhythm guitars will follow.

Also Andi have now recorded initial vocals for 8 songs and he's gonna finish with remaining 2 songs propably next week. After that we start polishing the vocals and gonna finalize them one by one...some small changes and adjustments in melodies, rhythms and lyrics.

No videos, no pics, no more to say at this point. We hope to release another studio diary video or videos next week from the guitar and vocal recordings so take care 'till then and have a tremendous weekend everyone!