Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello everyone!

Things going on with the album but not totally without misfortunes. We are still on hold with rhythm guitar recordings. They were suppose to take place at my home studio starting from Lasse but then we decided that Emppu will record everything at his place as his audio interface's mic preamps and DA-converters should be slightly better. Well a little while ago there was water pipe damage at Emppu's home and all the floors got totally covered with water. It will be repaired which will last for about 6 months and Emppu will move to a temporary rent appartment meanwhile.

Now we either start the guitar recordings at Emppu's temporary appartment where he would set up his home studio or we will take part of Emppu's studio to my home where we start the rhythm guitar recordings. This will not affect in anyway on the release date as the summer is coming and the release most likely won't be during the festival season...

Anyway meanwhile there is a lot of other things to do that I'm constantly working on. Right now I'm creating an intro track for a title song of the album which will be epic audio landscape with some sounds of wind, fire etc. and emerging into a speaking part with 2 voice actors...the other being Andi. ...then we have some acoustic guitars to record, refining vocals with Andi as well as some other sound effects to be recorded...gonna be blast and can't wait for you to hear them!

Have a rocking Wednesday!



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 18 (Bass recordings)

Hello everyone!

Finally got the final drum edits yesterday and finished with the very last bass corrections etc...

Today we will move the studio equipment to my place and start searching for a guitar sound and recordings should start in few days. We will start with Lasse's rhythm guitars...