Wednesday, January 23, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 17 (Bass recordings)

Hohoy everybody!

Just finished the bass guitars for the last song! Came back home from vacation in Salla, Lapland few days ago and have been recording during 3 evenings after that.

Salla - In the middle of nowhere.

So now we'll go through the songs with the guys and make the last changes on the tracks if needed. Then we are ready to start moving on guitars! Gonna start by recording Lasse's rhythm guitars at my place probably somewhere in the end of next week.

Till then and stay fuckin ...blues!!!

Pasi / T-ROD

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 12 & 13 (Bass recordings)


I've recorded bass guitars now for 7 tracks and 4 more to go...take a look at the YouTube clip from a link below to hear more!

THAUROROD - STUDIO DIARY (Bass recordings)


Recording bass for the 2nd album...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 11 (Bass recordings)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Oh what a day it's been... first thing in the not breakfast...well 1/2 cup of coffey and then rushing to pick up few friends and off to downhill skiing for 2 hours! Btw that was the 2nd time of my life and the 1st for about 20 years so wasn't exactly professional but it was okay and we had lots of fun!

Slalom slalom...

After skiing we went to eat and a quick visit to home and then off to record some more bass. Just came back home from the recordings. Finished that long epic track and after that recorded 1 Emppu's song and 1 more my song till the solo parts. Pretty happy with today's recordings!

Greetings from home.

Gonna continue tomorrow...probably around midday and then continue in the evening again after a little break. Hope to have at least half of the songs recorded tomorrow!

Have a great saturday!

Pasi / T-ROD

Friday, January 4, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 9 & 10 (Bass recordings)

Hi there!

So we fixed the problem with monitoring Haage few days wasn't in sound card but somehow the default output settings of Pro Tools 9 were wrong and they had to be changed so it worked.

Yesterday I changed few xlr cables and tuned new Elixir strings on my bass and also made few more changes on the bass sound. Just made the cabinet sound a bit more distorted and took out some bass frequensy while adding treble frequency. Should work really well with the mixed line sound! Then I recorded 1 track and call it a day...

Bass cabinet with 3 mics (Audix A6, Shure 57, Sennheiser E606) on it.

Another day after work by bass recordings. I actually had some problem with monitoring yesterday so I wanted to try fix it and it turned out there is some latency as I need to use asio 4 all driver as my sound card's own driver don't work with Pro Tools. Well I just had to take the monitoring straight from the sound card by turning a knob so that it gives me more input than it gives playback and then have to lower the volumes of bass tracks on Pro Tools. Well not too complicated...I can live with that...and maybe we can bring down the latency as well later.

Monitoring room

Time to start recording our longest track of the album...about 8 minutes long epic shit! Also title song for the album... I record it to some solo parts and then decide to write something on a blog andcontinue tomorrow as I should have more time and energy...maybe 1 cold beer and pretty soon off to bed.

Take care!

Pasi / T-ROD

Bass and amp