Thursday, May 26, 2011

Düsseldorf, getting ready to rumble... a multinational enterprise coffee house, sipping a tall mocha and downloading + reviewing all the vital information about the upcoming three shows. Emppu, Lasse and Joonas are checking out a local Irish pub while I and Pasi opted for a coffee and a brief, little less rock'n'roll-lifestylish tour blog update instead. Michele will join us tomorrow in Pratteln, Switzerland for the first gig and travel with us from then on.

After having the afternoon off, we'll be heading back to the airport soon to meet the WINTERSUN guys and to get aboard the tour bus. Probably dinner afterwards, definitely a long drive all night ahead (after picking up the gentlemen from the legendary HELL)! Hoping to be able to update this blog soon again,

-Vili / T-Rod

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Houdy houuuuuuuuuuu!

Time to get back on the road again in the form of three Metalfest concerts...on Friday 27th May in Pratteln, Switzerland then 28th May In Dessau, Germany and 29th May Mining am Inn, Austria!!!

Just had the last rehearsels before this minitour! Tomorrow morning we hit the airport and fly to Düsseldorf....with a little luck seems like the flights aren't even cancelled 'cause of that damn volcano ashes on the sky! So great! We are ready to rock and really looking forward to live shows!!!!

So from Düsseldorf we are picked up and this time we are sharing the bus with a great band also from Finland WINTERSUN and legendary nwobhm band HELL hailing from England! Will be fun..and it's the first time we share the bus with another Finnish band too so basically it's gonna be party party party!!! Well just kidding...partly! :D

Okay metalheads see you very soon!!! We'll try to post something here during the weekend but at the latest on Tuesday next week!

Our stagetimes are as follows:

27th May / Metalfest - Pratteln, Switzerland: 17.35
28th May / Metalfest - Dessau, Germany: 14.00
29th May / Metalfest - Mining am Inn, Austria: 12.50