Monday, December 31, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 8 (Bass recordings)

Hello everyone!

So time for an update about bass recordings for the 2nd Thaurorod album.

I have set my bass amp/cab and monitoring room for the upcoming bass far I've tested mic sounds with different mics like Audix A6 and for the high frequency bass Shure 57 and Sennheiser E606. Sounds have been really what I wanted to have by using different microfones on bass cabinet. Then also recording pure line sound besides the mic tracks.

We should get at least most of the final drum tracks tomorrow evening. On wednesday we will try to fix a problem at my sound card as the 2nd control room input seems to be broken so we try to re-connect it if that's what's wrong with it.

So I'll add pics and videos later before the actual recordings starts.

Have a tremendous New Year's Eve and much success and happiness for the year 2013!



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