Sunday, December 2, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - Day 2 (Drum recordings)

Houdy ho!

The guys had entered the studio around 15-16 o'clock. The result after the studio day is: drums for 3 songs recorded! Not bad at all! Emppu was there to record Joonas (yes in hangover) and they only recorded Emppu's songs today. I only quickly stopped by the studio as Joonas and Emppu were recording the 3rd track.

 Just slightly hangoverish guitarist...

 Rec is on!

Meanwhile Lasse had recorded backing guitars for 1 instrumental song we gonna record later. It's Emppu's song and we played that track already in Nummirock 2011 and in Metalcamp 2011.

So that's pretty much all...tomorrow probably recording some songs written by me and by Lasse.

Freezing greetings from Hyvinkää, Finland as it's minus 18 degrees....hrrrrrrr!



  1. Oh, fantastic! You've been being (I don't know if it is strictly correct xD) very fast! So we can hope to be able to listen to your new album in early 2013? Maybe before February? It would be fantastic, I'v been waiting it since... since I've discovered you :D
    I support you guys, keep making marvellous music, and I wish you good job, funny time and a warmer weather xD

    1. Thx! About the release we still have a lot other stuff to record and we were planning of mixing/mastering the album in April/May. That would mean we probably gonna releas the album on autumn still a little bit of waiting.

  2. Oh, Autumn is so so so damned far :(
    Well... I can just hope you'll be able to be a little faster, but sincerely I prefer better songs in a longer time than mediocre songs soon :)
    So... once again, I wish you a good work and a funny time!

    (are we still in time to advice you some possible covers?)