Wednesday, December 5, 2012

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 4 (Drum recordings)

Good evening dudes and dudettes!

At the studio again...recording drums for our 7th track at the moment. Btw I posted an YouTube video from the recordings yesterday and I totally forgot to mention who the heck this Haage on the video was.

Harri "Haage" Koskela is a guy who I and rest of the band besides Andi have known for something like 8 years and who lives here in Hyvinkää as well. Oh and also nowadays happens to play keyboards in a band called Thaurorod...have you heard of that band? One day Haage told that would be great to play with us. We knew it would be so much easier to work with a guy who we know way back and who lives in Hyvinkää and who is also a great composer, keyboardist, sound guy in studio and one of the nicest guys you can ever imagine! We already played 2 shows warming up for Wintersun in Finland with Haage and it was blast! With our previous keyboardist Vili things didn't just work as well as they should have even though he too was an awesome keymurderer! All the best to Vili for the future and thanks for everything.

Haage behind the mixing desk recording Joonas's drumming.
Man behind the rhythm of T-ROD.

Well that's that and now we are recording a killer fuckin album and can't wait to get it over to you!!! Tonight maybe gonna have a few beers later as it's gonna be Finland's independence day tomorrow! Well that means that recordings can start pretty early tomorrow....anyway 'till then!

Kippis! Skål! Prost! Egészsegedre! etc...


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  1. super guys!!have a nice time.greetings from greece!!!