Friday, March 18, 2011

Greetings from a stranger?

Hello dudes!

Some of you guys maybe have been wondering where the fuck is Emmi? Well... How the hell I should know? But I know that I'm kinda replacing her and doing this tour with these badass guys. Our singer have been introducing me as Mika Häkkinen but suprise suprise.. I'm not a fucking Häkkinen. My name's Mika Karjalainen and I play in a band called Whispered. You all should go to check it out RIGHT NOW:

What can I tell you about the tour? It has been a pleasure to be part of this. Venues have been great and the audiences as well. Not to mention about the other bands and crew! These Thaurorod guys can really play I can tell you that and are fun to hang out with. Like one dude here said "these Thaurorod dudes are fucking vikings man!! They out drink us all and still rock every night". So.. it's been great!

Right now we're in Amsterdam. We had our show few hours ago and it was great even though somebody threw few bananas to the stage but what the hell ( part 2:33)?!?! We threw them back and rocked the guys cock off! Anyway Thaurorod had some banana humour in the end of their music video "Warrior's Heart" so that was kinda fun to have a few bananas onto stage. Very nice suprise also waited us in the morning when we came here... and now I'm not talking about when Emppu got lost in the city and missed the soundcheck... But there was a piano in the catering room! So what about a  little bar piano music for the breakfast??? Hell yeah!

Now I think it's time to go explore the city! See ya tomorrow in Geiselwind!


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  1. Hei, the link doesn't send to a banana throwing! xD