Sunday, March 20, 2011

Geiselwind - Tilburg

Getting very close to the end folks! So here we are in Tilburg at a venue called 013 and in 4 hours we will play our last show on Power of Metal tour 2011! Kind of sad now as it ends but hell yea it has been one great experience and have been awesome to get to know all these dudes we tour with! Thank you SYMPHONY X, NEVERMORE, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, MERCENARY and the tour crew. Thank you all the CRAZY AUDIENCES! Thank you everyone!

Yesterday we played a show at Music Hall, Geiselwind! Had a crazy audience and played a great show! Damn it was cold weather in Geiselwind...well I guess it's good to get used to it as we are back to Finland tomorrow!

Okay then...I'll drop a line later on after our show in Tilburg and after getting back to Finland and hopefully there will be a few more pics in the blog!



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