Tuesday, March 22, 2011

013, Tilburg

All the 5 bands of POM on stage right before the last song of Symphony X, the last song of Power of Metal 2011.


So the POWER OF METAL tour 2011 have come to an end but it sure was fun!

Anyway a show in Tilburg was a perfect ending for this outstanding tour.. we played deffinitely one of the best shows of the tour there and the audience was amazing as the audience in The Netherlands always!

As some bands tend to do some little pranks for each others on the last show of the tour we decided also to come out with some kind of prank for a headliner Symphony X. We happened to find from some cheap market in Frankfurt ...red devil thongs for men... :D So me, Lasse and Joonas bought those! Then we decided to wait until Symphony X ballad song Paradise Lost was on in 013, Tilburg and surprise the guys with rushing onto the stage wearing nothing but those thongs...heh was kinda fun..I mean not wearing them but the rest :D:D:D

See a YouTube video from a linkbelow:

We also met 3 guys from ALESTORM there at the venue as they had come to see us there 'cause they live in Tilburg. So we had fun with them and POM folks...finally after several beers we said goodbyes for everyone and the bus took us to the Düsseldorf airport for the flight back home..So here we are in Finland again..it's getting spring here too but damn I did not miss the snow 'cause the snow haven't gone anywhere yet..well soon it must as the spring and summer comes to the picture with some outdoor festivals like Metalfests(Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Nummirock, Metalcamp...So see you there!

Okay, stay tuned for some more news which will follow in few days about a lot of things!!! Rock'n Roll boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hallo!
    Thanks for the nice show you guys put together in Tilburg. You're really great on stage and full of energy. Keep it up!

    I had the chance to take photos at the show and I published them here: http://festivalphoto.net/index.php?page=2&festivalID=919
    Also check the festival life folder which contains images from the crazier moments of the show, such as red devil thongs and all bands on stage.

  2. I'm commenting here, even if I "should" do at the post about Florence, because it is a little too "far" :)
    I finally managed to follow your blog (I had to create a new mail address xD), and... Yeah, your show in Florence was really great :D
    You were better also than Symphony, really. I love (Platonically xD) you, guys! I look forward to see and hear you again. In the meanwhile, would you like to check your wikipedia pages (English and Italian) and tell me if there is any error? If you don't like the photo that I have uploaded I'll change it :) I was too busy to wave the "flag" to take good photos, but a friend of mine should have some other ones :D