Sunday, January 6, 2013

STUDIO DIARY - DAY 11 (Bass recordings)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Oh what a day it's been... first thing in the not breakfast...well 1/2 cup of coffey and then rushing to pick up few friends and off to downhill skiing for 2 hours! Btw that was the 2nd time of my life and the 1st for about 20 years so wasn't exactly professional but it was okay and we had lots of fun!

Slalom slalom...

After skiing we went to eat and a quick visit to home and then off to record some more bass. Just came back home from the recordings. Finished that long epic track and after that recorded 1 Emppu's song and 1 more my song till the solo parts. Pretty happy with today's recordings!

Greetings from home.

Gonna continue tomorrow...probably around midday and then continue in the evening again after a little break. Hope to have at least half of the songs recorded tomorrow!

Have a great saturday!

Pasi / T-ROD

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