Monday, July 18, 2011

Wednesday, July 13 (travel day)

Hi folks! It's Vili writing this time, sitting in a shuttle bus with the
rest of the guys (sans Michele, who will be joining us tomorrow) on our way
from Venice, Italy to Tolmin. Still a hundred kilometers or so to go: Emppu's 
playing Angry Birds, Lasse's listening to music and the rest of the guys are
just  enjoying the scenery - beautiful Italian/Slovenian countryside. We took
off from Helsinki, Finland early afternoon and flew to Venice via Munich.
Almost contrary to all the odds and possibilities, our gear (neatly strapped
together with sticky plastic sheets and duct tape - highly NOT recommended...)
got here as well!

Tonight's gonna be an easy one, after signing in the hotel we're probably
gonna check out the festival grounds and watch Wintersun and Mastodon's
gigs. Maybe even little partying involved, since we're on at 6:35 PM tomorrow
evening with a signing session afterwards. And of course there's some tending
to the instruments to do... changing strings, programming the final keyboard
sounds for the new song, etc. Gonna doze off now for an hour or so...
Well, we got safely to our hotel (really nice place called Penzion Boka in
Srpenica, near the breathtaking Boka waterfall) later that evening and boy,
were we tired. Would have loved to see Wintersun et al performing, but
simply didn't have the energy (and after all, staying up all night would
certainly have not done any good for the show next day), so we just had
dinner and a few drinks and an evening walk. On top of everything, I noticed
late in the night that I had misplaced my laptop charger while packing my
stuff back home in Finland, so we had no real change of updating this blog
on the road as intended... luckily Michele could lend me his charger the
next day for the show and a little hotel room rehearsal :)

Signing off,

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