Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So it is time for hell over paradise as Metalcamp 2011 have started and THAUROROD plays on Metalcamp's mainstage on Thursday 14th July at 18.35!

It will be a special show us in many ways... first of all it's the last scheduled show before we start heavily working on the 2nd album. Besides that we will play live one brand new song "Ghost in Me" from the upcoming 2nd album in Metalcamp for the first time ever! And of course it's just great to be part of this amazing festival!

Had our last rehearsels before the show today and tomorrow morning we are off to Metalcamp! Stay tuned for this blog for more stuff, pics, etc...

Oh and btw we have our signing session in Metalcamp right after the show at 20.30 - come there to greet the whole band! Would be nice to hear your opinion on the show and especially on the new song!!!

SEE YOU SOON METALHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pasi / T-ROD

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