Thursday, June 23, 2011


The last rehearsels played before midsummer festival Nummirock at Kauhajoki, Finland! First time playing there....hohoo some nice memories from there over many years when in the audience at Nummirock... Sucks that weather forecast looks pretty fuckin rainy but I'm sure it will not slow anyone down!

I'm actually the only one from the band who is going to the festival area already on Friday morning...Vili will pick up Michele on Saturday morning from Helsinki/Vantaa airport and other guys don't wanna be there earlier but on the show day ...since it might turn somehow into some serious drinking... :D well...even in Nummirock I think I've once seen someone drunk... Anyway afterparties like never before when the Fosters-stage is rocked!!!

Okay stay tuned for and comments on the show coming later! Oh fuck looking so forward to this fantastic festival again!!! There's no festival like Nummirock!
See you soon boys and girls and happy midsummer fest / Hauskaa Juhannusta joka ukolle ja akalle!

Pasi / T-ROD

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